Onslaught (2016)

The shooting of the new film ONSLAUGHT by Vasilis Vafeas, who signs the directing and the script, has just been completed.

The basic idea behind ONSLAUGHT is how young people, full of dreams and energy, are crushed under the weight of their families (individuals who are scarred, pathogenic, etc.) on one hand and on the other by a society characterized by callousness and the inhuman goals it sets for success, as well as the desire for absolute domination over independent individuals. The situations that the main character experiences unfold through an oblique and mocking look, highlighting the comic elements of the various scenes of the film.

The film features a young stage and TV director who lives between two worlds. On the one hand, there is the world of show business, full of glitter and allure resting firmly on the three foundations on which our society is based – sex, money and power. On the other hand, there is his family milieu that is in dire financial straits which put a strain on human relations that are at the very least already complex and traumatic. Our protagonist tries to find balance through his search for love, however this as well will lead him to rough tracks. And all these will become even more nightmarish when the political situation in the country becomes dangerous with the establishment of a dictatorship ... Will our hero manage to find his way out?

Vasilis Vafeas loves working with old partners and at the same time investing in new partnerships. He also likes to accompany professional actors with amateurs, believing in the dynamics of this interaction. This dynamic is also evident in his new film ONSLAUGHT.

The music score is by the composer Thanos Mikroutsikos, with whom the director has worked both in the cinema and the theater. Kostis Gikas is the director of photography, a stable partner of Vasilis Vafeas throughout the years. Other older partners include Nikos Papadimitriou in sound production, Magda Kaloriti in costume design and Katerina Rodiou in choreography. The sets are designed by Stelios Sidirourgos and Nikos Politis.

The leading role is played by Nikos Poursanidis, surrounded by renowned actors such as Amalia Arseni - with ONSLAUGHT she makes her film debut in full-length films-, Margarita Panousopoulou and acclaimed singer Rita Antonopoulou in her first time appearance in cinema.

Central roles have the actors Takis Papamattheou, Thanasis Kourlabas and Maria Katsandri, participating for the first time in the director’s cast and the actors Stavros Mermighis, Panos Vitsikas, Tasos Raptis, Ilias Gogiannos, Hristina Haralabaki and Christos Theodoridis, who have played in movies or theatrical performances of Vasilis Vafeas in the past. An attribute role has the film director and personal friend of Vasilis Vafeas, Vasilis Kesisoglou.


The shooting of the film is made in actual setting, in different neighborhoods such as the center of Athens, Drapetsona, Perama, Nea Smyrni and Palaio Faliro.


The film is a co-production of SIGMA FILM, the GREEK FILM CENTER, ERT (Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation), TONIKON, SKLAVIS FILM LAB and of KOSTIS GIKAS.


Filming Video and Photos


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