“Women Conspiracies” - 2007

Alexis is a guy at the critical age of 45 years . He has a good job in a big company and a neat family life , next to the beautiful wife Mina . At the beginning of the film, late one night, he receives a phone call from his boss' assistant and leaves hurriedly with his car for the company. From this point he will live a true nightmare. We learn he has been fired so his life will change dramatically . Very quickly he separates from his wife and follows an odyssey tawards a new job and another partner. Thus, Alexis will experience a series of tragicomic situations in different professional areas , while vivid scenes with alluring and absurd sexual partners of different ages and types of women . Or maybe it wasn't so?
Production year : 2007
Starring : Alexandros Tsakiris , Fay woods, Nikos Poursanidis , Jenny Skarlatou
Music: Plato Andritsakis


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