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"Absorption at 257" - 1973

12 minutes, B/W, 35mm

The film was shown at Grenoble, at a short film festival. There I discovered that the French laughed, although I had not made a comedy. I realized that the things in the film were seen in a humorous way, indirectly of course. From then on I saw my films heading more and more in this direction, a direction that was becoming more and more complex.
Vassilis Vafeas


Directed by Vassilis Vafeas
Script Vassilis Vafeas
Cinematograpgy Giorgos Kavayas
Edited by Thanassis Rentzis
Cast Minas Hadjjisavvas, Smaragda Smyrnaiou


The film is a bitter satire about a young man who, on the eve of taking the exams for his degree rejects the advances of one of his fellow students for fear that he will fail the exams and not get the much-desired degree that will pave the way to a successful career.